Our tractor services allow us to work one-on-one with other farmers in the area; being a family run business allows us to tailor our services to your needs.

We produce quality products but are not limited to strictly preparing and maintaining our own farm. With investments in brand new equipment Oregonhemp.com is looking to pave the way in contracting out the services that bring you one step closer to YOUR dream farm.

We decided on our equipment investment to right size it for our projected growth, but until we are there (>500 acres) we will leverage this equipment to help other Hemp farmers who are faced with the same challenge of profitable scale with limited access to tractor resources, especially those located in the Southern Oregon/Rogue Valley area. We offer world class tractor services at an affordable rate.

From the early planning and budgeting phases, to tillage/disking and bedding, and irrigation and transplanting your seedlings or clones, we have got you covered.

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Why Oregonized?

“As a family owned and operated business, we specialize in working one on one with farmers in the area. Oregonized Family Farm tailors our services to YOUR needs by leveraging our quality equipment and experienced operators on your project. Our equipment was selected to enhance our operations as we scale up and we would like to use them to enhance your projects as well! We aim to provide solutions to challenges farmers face such as equipment shortages, lack of skilled operators, and costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

At Oregonized Family Farm we serve the Rogue Valley and surrounding Southern Oregon region at an affordable rate, to optimize your project from breaking ground, disking, tilling, bedding, drip line installation, transplanting, machine harvest and more! Our family is paving the way in contracting out the services that bring you one step closer to YOUR dream farm. We want to be here for you, to help you, because that’s what family does.”

We can help with your farm needs

What Can We Do for You?

·      Tilling

·      Disking

·      Ripping

·      Power Harrowing

·      Bed Prep & Bedding

·      Mulching

·      Drip Line Install

·      Transplanting

·      Soil Analysis & Amendment Assessments (Free)

·      Seed Germination

·      Harvesting

Interested in any of our farming services?

What do We Use?

New Holland T7-270HP & T7-260 HP

As the Clean Energy Leader, New Holland has developed equipment focused on improving efficiency, while respecting the environment. This includes development of renewable fuels, emission reduction systems, and sustainable agricultural technology. 

LEMKEN Rubin 12

This 14’ high speed tillage disc enables deeper cultivation, suitable for stubble cultivation & primary soil tillage, even under the heaviest of soil conditions. 


This rotary power harrow is designed for maximum continuous loads for conventional and conservation tillage. With about 15 cm working depth, it prepares an optimal seedbed in any soil condition.

Kennco Super Bedder

This 3 row, mulch & drip bedder eliminates soil compaction in the root zone, allowing effective use of plastic mulch, higher plant density & higher yields. This results in improved control of water runoff and protection from plant disease & pests.

Checchi & Magli Wolf Pro

This 3 row, Hemp Transplanter sets plants straight up with no slippage. It provides adjustable and consistent plant to plant spacing & adjustable watering to plants, resulting in better packing and bottom line, better yields.


Checchi & Magli Trium 45

This 3 row, Hemp Transplanter is most suitable for plants with very developed leaves. The 10-cup rotating distributor ensures high output,  with an estimated production of up to 5000 plants per hour, each row.


Pixall SuperJack

Consisting of a pickup, several beaters & shakers and a spreader, this bean harvester is the perfect fit for helping harvest your plants at the end of the season.