Tractor Services

Our tractor services allow us to work one-on-one with other farmers in the area; being a family run business allows us to tailor our services to your needs. We produce quality products but are not limited to strictly preparing and maintaining our own farm. With investments in brand new equipment Oregonized Family Farm is looking to pave the way in contracting out the services that bring you one step closer to YOUR dream farm. We decided on our equipment investment to right size it for our projected growth, but until we are there (>500 acres) we will leverage this equipment to help other Hemp farmers who are faced with the same challenge of profitable scale with limited access to tractor resources, especially those located in the Southern Oregon/Rogue Valley area. We offer world class tractor services at an affordable rate. From the early planning and budgeting phases, to tillage/disking and bedding, and irrigation and transplanting your seedlings or clones, we have got you covered.

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