About us

Our services stem beyond JUST hemp production & distribution. You will also find high CBD content flower, quality biomass, and ready-to-plant seeds from a variety of strains- all laboratory tested…but that’s not all.

We here at Oregonized Family Farms are helping in the fight to make our world a healthier, and better place to live, and we can’t do it alone. They say the-more-the-merrier, which is why we pride ourselves in being your one-stop-shop for all your hemp needs!

Shipping policy

We offer free shipping to all orders over $50 USD IN the United States. We also ship internationally for only $15.00 to legal countries.

All of the USA and countries were CBD is legal.

No more than two days inside the USA.

Returns and exchanges

If you dont like our product ship it back and get your money back (minus shipping cost)

Just contact us at sales@oregonhemp.com